Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shocking News!

There has been more sewing.  I finished a fencing coat for a friend, a handful of quilt blocks, and some weaving.  But not one stitch of knitting.  I'm enjoying all the productivity.

The weather has become very nice.  It's going to become very hot and humid soon, but in the mean time we are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I'm planning some pots of flowers for the balcony.  There as been some grilling in the other apartments near ours.  It makes me wish I had a grill.

Most of the unpacking is done.  Still a lot of putting things away that needs to be finished.  Some of the putting away involves sorting and reboxing yarn and fabric.  I don't see that happening real soon.  It would be really nice to have that done, but it's down a long way on my list of projects. I much prefer getting some of the WIPs finished and off the list first.  It does make the piles smaller!

I was on Ravelry today and looked at my WIPs list.  It's horrifying, really.  And my sewing and weaving lists are just as bad.  So the sorting and reboxing will have to wait.

Next time, a post with real content.  I promise!

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