Sunday, April 05, 2015

Just a little knitting

In the interest of not falling into old habits I'm writing even though there isn't much in the way of knitting content.

It was a quiet weekend filled with more unpacking, sorting, and putting stuff away.  Way too much looking for stuff, though.  That is the worst part of moving, relocating my things.  I decided to stop at the little quilt shop near my new place.  It's very nice and had many lovely and inspiring projects and fabrics.  I fell off the no new stuff wagon and bought a christmas quilt kit.  I really like the old world santa art and they had a nice sale.  Perhaps I will manage to get it sewn up by next winter holiday.

They also had this lovely item that made me think of my mother.

She loves both daffodils and yellow.  This project would be much too fussy for me though so she will need to find someone else to make it for her. 

Before I can start the lovely santa project I need to finish some other things I have in my project stash.  After hours of looking I finally found the project and most of the tools.  Then I had to get the sewing space cleaned out.  It had become a landing pad for a lot of things that hadn't been put away yet.  I'm still missing a lot of other tools but I had a great time doing a little sewing.  Brightened my weekend. 

Just so you all don't have wool withdrawal here is the first sleeve of a new cardigan. I've cast on the second sleeve and will be able to join the sleeves and knit the yoke soon.  The body is done as well but getting pictures off my phone is not as easy as I think it should be.  The pattern is Autumn Fire from Knitty.  It's almost too warm to wear it here already this spring, but fall is coming so I'll be ready when the time comes.  

Trying hard to get as many of my projects in progress done as possible.  Then I'll have to try hard to keep the project creep from happening, again.  Startitis is not my friend.  It's so hard to ignore the lure of new projects.

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