Monday, April 13, 2015

A finished object!

I started sewing this quilt in 1999.  It was a mystery quilt, where you bought the fabric but didn't know how the quilt would turn out before hand.  I finished all the blocks but when it came time to put them together I was really not happy with one of the fabrics I chose.  They sat in a box for all these years.  After this recent move I decided I really needed to finish it so I found the last issue and set about putting the blocks together.

I was missing one edge block, and one fabric needed to make that block.  I did find something close in my stash and made a new block.

I think that since I moved this project as many times as I have the fact that I had all the borders, all but one of the blocks and all but one of the fabrics in the same place is pretty amazing.  The block and fabric could both be here.  But this project had waited long enough and I was disinclined to spend too much time looking.  

Today I took it to a local shop to have it machine quilted.  It won't be cheap, after the paying for the backing, batting and quilting, but I'm delighted to have it finished, even with all it's flaws.

ETA - the pattern is Evening Stroll, the last clue was published in the Quiltmaker, Sept/Oct 1999 issue.  

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