Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOW - a double header!

This morning I put my knitting aside, got in my car and drove north a LONG way. My father's family (his mother's family) was having a reunion. So I figured - heck why not - I've never met any of them before, but it could be fun.

The drive was beautiful. Alas I couldn't find the farm. I saw two farms that looked promising - one had 6 cars in the yard (it seemed odd - I thought the family was larger - but okay) however there were only two people in the yard standing about talking. Hmm - I didn't see the promised sign, in fact the only sign was a No Trespassing sign on the gate. Best drive on! The next farm look more likely - there were about 60 people in the yard, children ran about everywhere. Only one problem. They were all Amish. I believe my mother would have mentioned when she suggested I attend the reunion.

I drove up and down the stretch mentioned in the directions for about 45 minutes and then gave up the ghost and headed for home. I tried to salvage the trip with a stop at yarn store on the way home. This was not to be. Apparently all the yarn stores in Indiana are closed on Sunday.

Oh well - At least it was a lovely day for a lovely drive.

Maybe I'll have better luck next time!

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