Sunday, June 07, 2009

And - Pictures!

I finally finished Clue 2 of the Anniversary Mystery Shawl.
The side panel:

The center panel:I planned to have this much done yesterday - but the fridge was out in the morning which resulted in trips for ice, packing of coolers, waiting for the service guy, getting the new (used) fridge and emergency cooking. Still have to make jelly with the strawberries that were in the freezer.

I stayed up until after midnight trying to finish up but went to bed with two rows left. I thought that it would be better to call it a night rather than having to frog back mistakes in the morning.
After a bit of breakfast today I will start clue three. Maybe I will finish clue three before clue 5 is released.

I also need to knit a couple pair of socks this week.

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