Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two forward, one back

The Honeycomb vest is no more. I wasn't going to have enough yarn and I wasn't happy with it anyway. If I have to buy more yarn I'm going to try to find what I wanted in the first place. So instead I ripped back and started Pudorosa. So far a very calming knit. I have the first one almost done. The FIRST ONE you many very well ask. Why yes.

Everyone, being all interested in what I was knitting, asked; I sent the link. They liked. They said they wanted one too - please!? Now they are all knitters and COULD make their own. But, I have 4 balls of this yarn.

If I had my library from home I could make these but I don't (and I could buy the pattern, but I already have it - in MN). So why not. It's a pleasant knit, I have the yarn and the time. (lots of time) And they are all knitters and will appreciate the gift. Two birds, one stone. (Well three but who, besides me, is counting.)

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