Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August - come she must

So here we are August - I have been a REALLY bad secret pal. I bought some nice gifties but I haven't mailed them yet. I simply must do that TODAY!!!!!

This remodeling is going to be the death of me.

The rain is nice - really - if it didn't keep my daughter up all night. I'm dead tired. I might have to take my sorry ass home.

I took my daughter to Borealis last night. They worked on the hedgehog pattern. Abby was very nice, Liz was unhappy. I haven't gotten her to tell me what the problem was yet. They seemed to be getting along fine. They got to the end of the second leg and Liz turned to me with the most sad, desolate expression I have ever seen and asked to go home. So we went. She is really painfully shy and had to interact with someone she didn't know - but I've never seen her respond that way before. I'm hoping that this isn't a portent of things to come. If she becomes anymore afraid of people she will be in need of clinical intervention.

I got several nice comments on my AS Mary Tudor. (insert preening here) I had a hard time getting started on the pattern. I kept miscounting.

Abby has the most beautiful purple and burgundy sweater in her store. I decided that I should get the pattern so I can make it someday, I don't need it now since I don't have time to make it anyway. I have several already kitted up. Turns out I already have it, but I didn't recognize it in the colorway.

I bought Knitting on the Road. I joined the KAL some time ago and they are starting Unst so I decided it was time to really join in. I bought some lovely offwhite wool with which to make them. It was 10% off for A Night Out, too bad I didn't have a lot I needed to buy. Maybe next year.

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Jay said...

Preen away!
Hang in there with the remodelling... it all comes good suddenly, when you least expect it!