Monday, August 28, 2006

Secret Pal programs

I was just cruising around at the Secret Pal 8 blog. It seems there was quite a rumble going on with people complaining about the program and how they didn't get what they expected. After pondering this for a time I'm left still bemused.

Did these people contact their hostesses? Why not?

Sometimes you don't have a great experience. But it isn't the hostesses' fault. If you failed to contact them how can they fix it? And that doesn't even get close to the issue of some people never being happy. The hostesses do the best they can.

I had fun and I would like to try it again - without the incredible remodeling project sucking the life out of me. Those people who agreed to herd the participants are fantastic and should be appreciated.

So to my hostess with the mostess - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Guinifer said...

So nice to hear kind words for other people!

Teej said...

I have to agree - complaining about it after it's over (or almost over) serves next to no purpose. But people seem to prefer to be passive aggressive and avoid "conflict" when it might be constructive, preferring to be snarky and obnoxious at the end. I've found this to be true of more than just secret pal programs. :/

I did Secret Pal 5 (I think) and it worked out really well for me. I've not done any of the subsequent ones because I wasn't sure I could devote as much attention to my pal as I felt was necessary, but I think I'll do Secret Pal 9 this fall. It's just so much fun to surprise people and get surprises!