Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paint and yarn

I painted the second coat in the bathroom and my bedroom last night. Bathroom looks good - bedroom looks like something from a victorian brothel.

I finished the buttonhole band on the baby sweater and found needles to start the LaCrosse sweater. I need to hunt up stitch markers for the cast-on counting.

I joined the Beadwork KAL on Knitting Beyond the Hebrides. I have to (gasp) buy some gansey yarn. I'm still waivering about the color.

Tonight I hope to complete the second band on the sweater, finish up the bathroom (install vanity etc) so the plumber can come (hopefully this week) and second coat my bedroom.

Things are moving nicely along!


Guinifer said...

I'd like to see the lacrosse sweater - where did you find the pattern?

Knit-Knot said...

The LaCrosse sweater is a kit of a sweater from Poetry in stitches that I picked up during a recent trip to LaCrosse WI.

It actually has nothing to do with LaCrosse, except I bought it there.

Anonymous said...

Finally!! I am mailing your package tomorrow. I ordered something special for you. It was going to be delivered last week and finally showed up today. I put some extra stuff in the box to make up for my tardiness. Look for you SP8 package soon!!