Friday, February 03, 2006


So I've been running around the net, wasting perfectly good knitting time, reading knit blogs. I've found some really good ones. (I've also found some scary and crappy ones - but that's the way it is)

Today I stopped by a blog and read a post about news reports of men knitting (and I use the term 'news' in a sardonic manner). All I could think while reading the blog was: Why are people so obsessed with who others are attracted to, having sex with, want to have sex with and so forth? Really - why do you care? Aren't getting enough on your own? Why are you so sure that any male who practices any fiber art is gay? Why the hell do you care?

Of course the feminist in me says that it isn't really about gay men knitting so much as it is about knitting being a less worthy past time because women do it and if men do it then they might have to start giving it respect. But then that sort of implies that the conservative white christian male feels threatened by giving women and their work respect. Even if they did they wouldn't stoop to name calling and stereotyping. Of course not.

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