Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So I did the math. I'd have to spin the singles at 250 wraps per inch. That is so not going to happen. I could do it at 80 pretty easy, but 250?

I did skein and wash the green that I spun and plyed at fingering/lace weight. The singles were more than 40 wpi but I'm not sure how much more since my gauge doesn't go smaller than that. I'll have to knit up a guage swatch and then start the socks. I'll attempt to post pictures once the skein is dry and I get it balled up.

I think I'll find a pattern for the mobius scarf/head covers and spin the baby camel/silk for that. Gossamer I'm buying. Enough to make the shawl will cost $25 + shipping, depending on the exchange rate. I have a few other things to finish up first and I want to practice my lace knitting techniques before I start so I've got time to do those things and still not buy any more yarn this year. Maybe I'll convince the spouse to get it for me for my anniversary. :)

I have started my own KAL. Liz, one the ladies in my Monday night fiber enablers get togethers, wants to make the rogue sweater. I already have the pattern and the yarn myself. Thus we decided yesterday to knit it together, but only on Monday nights. We can't work on it any other time. We both have other things to finish and if I can't obsess about it I'm less likely to get bored with it. Plus if I have to work on it every week I will be more likely to finish it in a decent amount of time.

I think I'll take pictures of our progress at the end of every get together and post them here. I'll have to talk to Liz about that. I'm very excited about the whole idea.


Teej said...

Can I join your Rogue Knit-a-long? I also have the pattern (but not the yarn, yet) and could use the encouragement to get it finished, even if I'm not able to join you physically. (It's Aine, by the by; G pointed me here to admire your socks.)

Knit-Knot said...

I don't see why not. Too bad you can't join us. That would be more fun. We'll have to find some way for you to keep us informed about your progress!

Giovanna said...

I'm cool with that> It will keep us honest. Does this mean I can't do a swatch test before Monday?

Knit-Knot said...

I think we should do out test swatches before Monday so we can start Monday!

Teej said...

Okay, I can't start this Monday though.. still don't have the yarn. I can order it, and it might get here by Monday.. if not, I'll work on it another night to make up for missing the first day of "class".

I can post pictures of my progress either on LJ or on my blog, so you'll be able to keep track of me.