Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rogue Day 4

I did manage to knit on the Rogue for a couple hours last night. I wasn't motivated at all. I did get the front and back seperated and a couple rows on the back done. But if you consider that the first row I completed last night took me 20 minutes that's not bad. I had a terrible time all evening and reknitted several rows before I called it a night.

My spouse was being a wise ass and said I should just quit knitting and write patterns. Maybe edit them, but I'm not sure about writing them. The directions on the several of the last few sweaters I have started have been unclear and difficult to interpret. Which accounts for no small part of my frustration with a couple of projects I have on needles and some I've taken off needles and put aside.

From this weekend - I also have more than half of my mother's sleeves finished.

I'll post pictures later. It seems I left it on while I was playing with some of its features and the battery is dead.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello to the sticks or is it the string?
This is your wise ass mother- an indirect ancestor of your wise ass husband. Anyway I did look on Virtual yarns but couldn't find even one aran or fisherman sweater (cardigan). Please advise.
Good luck on the writing or editing or whatever.