Monday, January 02, 2006

Completely Random Rambling

I decided yesterday morning to spin a few skeins of the body color. I have one full bobbin and one half full bobbin. This should work out to three skeins. I hope that is a few. I'm going to finish up this bobbin and then spin the lovely green I dyed. Then we'll see if I can remember how to Navajo ply.

Today we are attempting to make soap. Okay - it isn't really so much attempting. I've done it a zillion times before. It'll be fine. I need to get cleaned up and get the downstairs kitchen cleaned up and preped. I'm just being assisted by new people.

My camera has left CA. It is supposed to be here on the 6th! I assume someone will have to sign for it. But no one will be here to do so. I HATE UPS. It was my only shipping option. Did you know that asking them to change your delivery block from 10-2 to the 2-5 is asking for a specific delivery time? Uhm - right! And someone got shot last week in front of the place you have to go to pick it up if you aren't home so that is a pleasing option! Oh well.

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