Monday, January 09, 2006

There are photos in my future!

The new camera was left on my doorstep on Friday. That's right - UPS left a $350 camera sitting on my doorstep. My son was up waiting for it, as requested, and they didn't even knock twice.

I'm going to get a big sign that says "RING THE FUCKING DOORBELL" We live in a rather small house, but the main living area is downstairs and you can't hear someone knocking lightly on the door. If you do hear it you aren't sure it isn't the cats, so you listen to see if it happens again, when it doesn't it was probably the cats and you ignore it.

But it is here and I played with it and I can now take some pictures!

I have successfully not bought any new yarn this week. I even looked at some spiff yarn and managed to not buy it. I also successfully bought no new fabric. I didn't look at any new fabric and thus avoided that temptation. Last night I did wash and iron some fabric that I had purchased previously and will cut it out this evening, or maybe I'll knit.

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