Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I did some more wool dyeing this weekend.  A while back I lost all my dyes in a move and while at a fiber fair I found a sample kit of Greener Dyes so I bought it. I didn't use the dyes then.  Dharma had a sale and I bought some of their dyes which I know I like.

Long way to saying, I finally tried the Greener dyes.  I'm sorry to say this was not a pleasant experience.  I dyed a pot full of locks peacock blue/turquoise.  The color in the pot was lovely.  Then I started rinsing, and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing.  Today is the third day I spent soaking and rinsing and the dye is still pouring out of the fleece.  It has gone from deep turquoise to robins egg and still the dye is pouring out of the fleece.

At this point I'm just disgusted. I really see no choice but to keep rinsing the dye out, as I'm unwilling to use it or sell it this way.  But I'm sick of standing over the basin running water over the fleece and I hope to heck it isn't going to end up felted in places and unusable. What a waste of my time.

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