Saturday, July 14, 2007

Think Pink

Here are the sleeves for the Lopi cable sweater I am working on. The pattern is in Lopi No. 23. the yarn is Lopi Lite in Rose Heather.

I have one sleeve done to the body. The cables are all 2 over two and I am doing them without a cable needle. I have enjoyed the process quite a lot. I haven't lost my cable needle even one time while working on this project.

See the lovely KnitPicks Options needle cable? Nice stitch holder! The best part was just removing the needle ends and putting the stops on. Fabulous!

I have almost finished the second. When I finish the second sleeve I'm going to knit the second sleeve on Aunt Bernie's sweater.

See the cute little Fimo stitch markers? I love making stitch markers. Talk about fun and useful!

Now I'm off to finish the sleeve(s)

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