Monday, February 12, 2007

Next up

So the Poetry in Stitches Cardigan is next. Probably because it is only two colors and I don't have to follow the chart too closely.

Wednesday is the last day to put in a guess as to how many sweaters I'll knit this year.

Kate asks if sweaters started before 2007 count. The short answer is - Maybe. In order to count there must be a significant portion of the sweater not yet knitted. At this point the only incomplete sweaters in my house that don't count are Rogue (it just needs one sleeve sewn in) and my mother's cardigan (which just needs sleeves sewn in and a button band put on). Everything else is fair game.

Kate allowed us to borrow her router. My husband has finished cutting to size and routering 1/2 of the treads and all of the risers for out new stair case. He plans to have it done by the time I get back on Saturday. I think I will be taking days off next week to put down the tile. We'll see.

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