Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today - not knitting

Today I am doing something not knitting - baking bread.

I threw together a sponge, opened the grain grinder, ground the grain (the mill works great - with a lot less dust flying out of it then the old one - best declutter I ever took off someone's hands) and now I'm waiting for this to raise:

I hope it turns out well. I haven't got my recipes here so I had to scour the intertubes. This is not a terribly pleasing experience - except for this - King Arthur Flour.

This site has a lovely recipe section. I know the catalog is fraught with peril but the website is worse! Totally delightful but give the bank card to the spouse (or someone else you trust) and send them out for about 6 hours, while you browse. I have about 6 recipes I'd like to try but we don't really need 18 loaves of bread in the house.

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