Friday, July 31, 2009

Mid year review

Yes folks - it's time for a little progress checking. I believe I am a bit of a slacker (gasp).

I am four pairs of socks behind for the 52 Pair Plunge.

Last night I did graft the toe of a sock and contemplate starting it's mate. It's too bad the contemplation of knitting doesn't get the socks done. I wouldn't have nearly as much stash and I'd have many more pairs of socks.

I am three sweaters behind on the Sweater a month challenge.

I have about 6 inches on a sweater before I join the sleeves and knit the yoke. If I can find the pattern I have found the yarn for the Oragina I am going to make for a friend. I also have yarn for the Honeycomb Vest and I could start those at any time. That would get me all caught up and then one behind (Assuming I get those done in August)

I am on the final shaping rounds on the kitty pi for the new kitten. When we felt that we can also felt the mice we made. The new kitten will have many new toys and a snuggly bed.

I also need to knit a Pudorosa for my daughter. I will make sure to get it done before Labor Day! That way she can wear it to school.


Anonymous said...

The 1st of August and your first package should arrive next week - I sent it last Monday. My knitting has been a bit slow lately as I've been busy spinning.

Your Secret Pal

Baron Berwyn said...