Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And now for something totally different

Last night I picked up stitches for the last sleeve on Steve's sweater. Since I have to make a sojourne to St. Paul I might as well finish the sleeve and deliver the sweater while I'm there.

I started a new sweater last Saturday. I'll put up pictures later. I have one sleeve done, ready to join and will start the second sleeve soon.

For commute knitting I've been making washclothes. I have finished one ginormous skein of cotton yarn and started another. This might be a nice holiday present sort of thing to have around. They are handy, quick and a painless knit. I bought the yarn (worsted weight cotton) on sale (clearance I believe) for $1 a skein (1 lb) so this is cheap and stash busting. I also have some left over from a rug I crocheted years ago that will also become washclothes.

Photos later - promise!

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