Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have made several this week - and it's only Wednesday! Amazing.

I have decided that my Noro cardi needs grosgrain ribbon (or some such) on the edge/banding. It rolls no matter how I block it. It's all done in Garter stitch and in theory shouldn't roll - but it does - right where the stockinette starts. It has a natural fold line. I will likely apply that tonight while I avoid the tricker-treaters. This is the joy of having a 15 (almost 16) yo at the house.

I have decided that for next years challenge I'm going to knit socks. I want to see if I can knit 52 pairs next year, yes - a pair a week. (I never thought I could knit 7 sweaters in one year - and I have - with two months to go. Now I'm wondering if I can manage to get two more done.)

Given the ginormous amount of sock yarn in my stash I should have space to put stuff next year, accomplish my goal and not spend another nickel on sock yarn. I'm not promising to not buy sock yarn mind you, just saying I shouldn't have to. I might even knit socks for my mother. (shh - don't tell her - let it be a surprise!) I am so excited at the prospect that I have been fondling sock yarn and selecting patterns. We'll see how I feel when I get to the 26th pair!

I realize that months ago I said I'd finish stuff - but I know me better than that. I have actually been finishing stuff anyway and will continue to do so (cause wearing the cool stuff you made is just fun) but I need something creative, inspiring and new to do or I will do - NOTHING. And that will decrease neither my stash nor my UFO piles.

And if all else fails - I can decide that if I'm not knitting socks I have to be finishing stuff. Win-Win.

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Valkryie Knit This said...

yes yes! Finish 2 more! THEN I WIIIINNNN! :)