Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I want to make a HP sweater (specifically the House Sweater on page 86 of Charmed Knits). I can get the yarn from Knitpicks for $28. It's nice, classic and I would wear it. (always important sweater elements). I have to finish things in my stash before I add more. And really - I don't need to add anything for several years.

In other news my daughter got accepted into the high school she wants to attend. Now I have to figure out how to get her home early (from Grandma's) so she can attend orientation and figure out how to get her to school. This school doesn't provide bus service so we will have to find a carpool or metro service. Her father wants to know how she is getting there NOW, I've only known we needed to find out for 5 minutes. It's all very exciting. She is thrilled.

Back to the Aunt sweater. The rows on the body take much longer than the sleeves. It's exhausting!

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Valkryie Knit This said...

There is no way she's old enough to go to high school! No way! Where has the time gone?

Yeah for Liz! :D