Monday, March 12, 2012

Knitting continues. I have finished the sleeves and am ready to pickup the neck on my Thermal. This might be my new favorite sweater, on the yarn love alone.

I have to pick up stitches on my stranded socks. Some cat pulled the needles out.

I am not sure how they continue to live.

I have cast on the bottom band of this sweater:

It's quite lovely and the smallest size is HUGE. More than 10 inches of ease. I really think I need to resize it. Or make a pillow. I might be unknitting what I've started and shove this back in the stash while I think on it (again).

But the whole idea for pulling it out was to knit something in a bigger weight since everything I've been working on lately has been sport weight or smaller. But the other thing I'm interested in starting is Chromatic which is fingering weight, defeating the purpose of starting something new as a break from knitting all the fine yarn.

The weather in Omaha is turning warm. I'm looking forward to sitting on my patio in the evenings. I'm thinking about putting my rocker out with the camp table. Hopefully there won't be much in the way of rain or theft.

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