Monday, March 26, 2012

Another delimna

I found this pattern. I think this is SO cute. I have the yarn (a lovely purple/blue mohair) but I do not have this pattern. Problem 1) The book is $15 and $5 for shipping, cripes, for one pattern. There isn't anything else in the book that I'm interested in. 2) - Am I too old to wear things like this?! I'm not ancient, but 45 isn't really young, either. Hmm?! Oh, the (melo)drama.


Jen Cragen said...

Are you going to wear something under it other than an undergarment? The pic shows straps at the shoulders. Are you comfortable with the style? I mean, do you already have scooped neck tops? Do you wear dresses over pants? If yes to both of those questions, then can you find a similar pattern for less? Can you make your own pattern? Just some things to think about. :-)

Thependragonseye said...

You are most definitely not too old.

What exactly is it that you like about the dress?
This one has similar sleeves:

And this one has similar striping:

Anonymous said...

Too old? never. Echoing the other comments about searching for a similar pattern for less money perhaps search "Empire waist". Maybe the library?

Spike said...

Jen pointed out the whole wearability issue, and Thependragonseye and Rockinsticks have suggested reverse engineering.

I'm going to assume wearability is not an issue, and that you don't want to reverse engineer the pattern.

Have you tried eBay, Overstock and other second hand places for the book in question?

Could you find two or three other local knitters in the same boat (i.e., "I love that ONE pattern, but $20 is a lot for just one thing") who would be willing to share the book and the cost?

Have you tried interlibrary loans? I find that I can often obtain something tough to find that way.

Have you tried an ISO on Rav?

Just some thoughts. Maybe one day, publishers will make all offerings into single .pdfs, so you don't have to buy the book to get the one thing you wanted. (Works for iTunes.)