Sunday, December 23, 2007

Since last we spoke

I have been fighting the nasty seasonal depression, knitting the sleeves on my kauni sweater (one down one to go) and sewing a pavilion.

Yesterday we made a batch of double chocolate porter. I really like making beer and wine. It's fun and really gives you something to look forward to, like next week we bottle and then in a month or so we get to taste it to see if it is any good. I can hardly wait!

The weather here has been complete crap and the shoppers more annoying then usual. Today I had to run out for a few groceries. There were two men and their dozen children standing at the ham cooler (it was surrounded) while they looked at nearly every ham in the cooler and discussed the virtues of this ham versus the spiral sliced ham and the honey baked ham blah blah blah. And there must have been about six other shoppers waiting for them to get out of the way so we could select a ham and be on our way. I wouldn't have found the waiting quite so annoying if we had been able to obtain a cart for our selections. As it was we were carrying them all in our arms and a basket. No one should carry a 20 lb bag of potatoes through the entire grocery store, and especially while listening to two men discuss their opinions on hams while effectively blockading access to all other shoppers.

Tomorrow the children and I are making bread, caramels and fudge. I'm going to more than my fair share of knitting.

The year of the sweater is quickly drawing to a close and I'm ready to knit SOCKS!


Valkryie Knit This said...

Gah! I hate shoppers like that. Did they know what they were talking about, or just repeating something they heard on tv?

Knit-Knot said...

Don't know - worse - don't care. I just wanted to pick up a ham, pay my bill and go home.