Thursday, December 27, 2007

I got a present

My husband gave me money for the holidays. I could purchase anything I wanted. I could buy yarn! or fabric or so many things! How would I ever choose?

I finally did - I bought a HP 4280 printer. I am very excited about it. Now I can scan pictures I make and make working copies of my patterns even print patterns that I got online!

It is absolutely fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

I can not believe all the things you get done. I think you must have a secret Genie somewhere doing it when you are not home.

I think I want to make a Launi sweater- right after I finish the projects I have.

Also, I want a 'wife'. At least someone to take care of the house for me and do the cooking and laundry. THEN I COULD GET MORE KNITTING DONE.

yeah, right!