Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My mother's cardigan has a nearly complete button band (one row and a cast off) and one sleeve. It will be done when she gets here! Yay! Now if I can just find the buttons!

My father's cardigan has been done, except for buttons, for months.

She will be taking them home when she leaves my house this weekend. One more thing out of my sewing room. She said not to worry about it, since they don't count for the knit-off but I want them out the door.

Then I think I'll get the red and white one done. And since I appear to be in a finishing mood I'll sew the sleeve back in my Rogue. Then I can sew up the hem and it, too, is out of the rotation.

I'm not going to get my SAM entry done this month (it's still missing in action). Too bad, since it's the last month and I missed the first month.

Again - no pictures, bad blogger.

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