Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wool Withdrawal

I have had no time to knit this week, so far.

I have finished a lot of sewing though and I only have 100 messages to get through and my email will be all caught up.

The weather here has been very nice and I do not want to sit in my office all day. I want to be out in the Spring enjoying the sunshine.

I have some really painful cracks in my skin of my fingers. It's mostly nerves. Up until last Friday I had most of them healed up but when I'm under stress I tend to worry my cuticles, usually without noticing, until they start to bleed. This makes everything from typing to knitting painful. As a nervous habit goes it's small but I'd really like to quit doing it.

Tonight I am staining the last of the trim work. (Hahahahaha) We have only trimwork left but there is quite a bit of it. We hope to be all done in a couple weeks. But then we've hoped that for a while now.

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