Monday, March 05, 2007

Very Productive!

The weekend was very productive. The railings on the second and to the second floor are installed. The main floor is all painted. We have started prepping the floor for the tile work. I also got the first coat on the last remaining wall in the second floor bath.

I have started the neck shaping on the cardigan. I was at 20.75 inches last night, with 2 inches to go for the back neck shaping! I had a lot of stop and go when the pattern changed from in the round to back and forth. If I get lucky I might get the body done and the sleeves started this week, in between time spent tiling the main floor.

I also got a picture of the sweater I made my mother. You can't see the lovely cables. She said that she had a better picture and will send it. If I get one the shows the cables well I'll post it.

Today my daughter wore the lovely red and white mittens I made her. I don't know why but it makes me happy when she wears/uses stuff I made her. Today has been a good day.

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