Monday, January 16, 2017

Sleeping cats and pouring rain

It is raining,  the cats are sleeping, I'm drinking coffee.  Seems like a normal Monday around my house.

I am attempting to clean up some of the WIPs/UFOs that are cluttering up my house and work room. They have, again, gotten out of control.

I started a Stained Glass afghan using scraps from the never ending acrylic supply.  It looks to be about 1/3 done.  I have several good size scrap balls made so I'm trying to focus on getting it done.  It is working up quickly.

I'm hoping if I focus on one project and get it as far as I can I will at least make some happy progress and have new things to wear and use.  And fewer things giving me baleful looks about being neglected.  I'm not sure if I have enough scraps gathered to finish this yet.  Like the Primrose Path afghan, I've sewn all the finished blocks together but I need to make more. The Stained Glass pattern tells you how many ounces are needed but that would require that I made some effort to keep track of how much I've already used.

I also found this really beautiful afghan I want to make.  I think I have enough in the 'stash' to finish it. Of course the list of things I want to make is HUGE.  I have found 8 new afghans to make just since Christmas.  In no particular order: Rose of Avalon, Lotus Moon, Cognac Matelasse, Flower Fountain, Geek-A-Long (there are 4 of these 2014 - 2017),  Lily Pond, Retro Ornament,  and Demelza.  (sorry for all the Ravelry links, some the public can see, some they can't.  I never know which).

So many ideas, so little time.

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