Saturday, September 22, 2012

And here we go again

Best intentions?  It certainly started out that way.  I pulled the two boxes of acrylic yarn out and started knitting.  I've made several blocks for my Primrose Path Afghan:

I made a few tawashi and pulled several lengths for a Stained Glass afghan.

I'm now down to one box of acrylic.

I'm pushing forward on my red/black Philosopher's Wool Tradition.


And this lace shawl that's been hanging around in the WIP basket for years:


Today the shawl was a real PITA.  The yarn keeps becoming a knotted mess.  Today after finally working through a second knotted mess the ball AGAIN barfed all over.  I was so angry I just broke of the mess and joined the ends, finished the row and shoved it back into the bag.  At least I managed to get 12 rows finished before I had my temper tantrum. But Dang Nabbit!!!!

New mantra for fall:  Finish all the THINGS!

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