Saturday, August 04, 2012

Spring cleaning? Nope - preparing for the long dark winter.

Instead of knitting I'm cleaning out the craft room.  I'm currently surrounded by the horror that is my stash (OMG!).  I'm planning to pull everything out, sort it, and make a list so I can find things when I want.  I imagine you can all guess how that's going.

Every new batch elicits "I really need to cast on this project.  This is great yarn."

And the WIPs.  I need to make a schedule.  And project bags. (because sewing project bags is the thing I should be doing rather than finishing the knitting).

But the painful question - do I put all this glory up on Ravelry?  Do I really want to know how many miles of yarn I have?

But at least I'm still succeeding in more in than out.  Of course I did put 5000 yards of yarn in my cart on Knitpicks yesterday.  If I didn't actually buy it, it doesn't count - right?

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