Monday, May 18, 2009

Knitting ADD

I swear I have it! I unplied 172 yards of tapestry yarn so I could swatch the mystery KAL. And you may well ask - So, aren't you supposed to swatch? Yes, but with the yarn you intend to make the item with, not with stash yarn you purchased to do needlepoint. Then I ripped it back and put the ball back in the stash. I believe I'm nuts, but a good kind of nuts, maybe?

Today the patterns my mother found for me and mailed arrived. I am going to go and find the yarn just as soon as I finish the last 4 rows on Steve's sweater, and maybe the set up row for the hem.

My loom also came in the mail and I HAD to try it out. Didn't I!? Of course I did. It does help that I had warped a temporary loom over the weekend, so all I had to do was attach the weaving to the new loom. It appears to work well - but I've only used it for 15 minutes.

Today was crafter's delight at my house.

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