Tuesday, April 28, 2009

of knitting and knot

I have bowed out of Sock Madness. I made a conscious decision to stop. Don't get me wrong - I understand this is volunteer, the patterns are free and all of those other things, but if I can be disqualified to failing to knit the item exactly as the pattern says then the pattern really needs to be correct. I also understand stuff happens and people are not perfect. It was more that, in the interest of untwisting my panties I determined that a reality check was in order and I was getting WAY to worked up about it. As a dear friend of mine says (often) 'Those that need naps, TAKE THEM!' so I'm taking my nap and when I can come back and play like a big girl I will.

The patterns so far have been utterly beautiful. I will finish the ones I started and I can't wait to see the new patterns and knit them as well.

This week I'm in the delightful city of Montreal. I found some lovely acid green and lavender yarns and I will be making something with them - together. I also bought some very gorgeous lace weight. I have spent hours buzzing around the 'net looking for a pattern but so far no soap. Ariadne Knits is a beautiful knitting store. If you are ever in Montreal you should stop.

Last time I was here we went to La Tricoteuse de Laine (alas - no website). I need to go back there - they had a book I have decided I need. It was fabulous as well and there are 6 others that I'd like to try to see eventually. The problem is many of them close at 5 and since I work until 5 I'm rather SOL.

I have been knitting leaves for my Vintage socks. Great fun. I have also managed to finish one sock for about 6 pair. So I'm hoping to manage to focus just a little and finish some second socks soon. I'm also trying to finish a couple sweaters. What a ferret I am! It's a good thing I'm cute.

So back to leaves. That's one good thing about traveling for work, you can't take much with you so you have to work on what you brought. Now if I can just convince myself to bring the second sock for those 6 pair, I'll be all set!

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