Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The new job is eating my life. I'm really enjoying it but wow! Where does the time go?

There has been knitting. I made a hat for a friend and I'm knitting two pair of socks and two sweaters. I have admired a local yarn store.

Other than that - my life is consumed with work.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are busy, but what about a gold sweater? (smile)

I checked with the train. It would cost me 225 dollars and 24 hours to come see you. I would do that. 150 for Liz I think. Less time of course. That is round trip. Maybe I will send your father for the Indy 500!

Have not done much in the way of knitting. Too shiftless.

Molly almost met her Waterloo on Monday. She was walking on a hard snow bank by the fence and sunk. She barely missed a steel post. If it had been any closer, she would have been impaled and would likely have needed to be shot. Your father was watching. I think he was scared. She managed to ram and jump around until she got out.

Talk at you later.
Love you.